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    Student Testimonials is an artificial intelligence powered, web-based adaptive learning system with real-time diagnosis and remediation. It is the only adaptive learning system completely customizable to customers/schools’ curricula to offer truly personalized learning and remediation, synchronized with classroom teaching and assessments.
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Our Vision: Personalized Learning for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Our Mission: Enable Every Student to Triumph in Math with Real-time Personalized Learning Help at School and Home.

eMath supports both instructor-led and student-initiated learning. It helps identify learning deficiencies and track knowledge mastery in real-time, then automatically generates study guides, content reviews, and practices adaptively to a student’s or a class/group’s particular needs. was created by a group of passionate educators, college/university faculties, artificial intelligence researchers, and e-learning industry practitioners who want to make a difference in solving the math education crisis: the National Scorecard 2010 Report showed only 26 percent of 12th graders were proficient in math; More than 25% of college students fail their entry-level math classes.

As all educators and teachers want to help their students succeed, they are greatly handicapped by resource constraints to provide each student personalized teaching and remediation help at the time the student needs it. At the same time, they also recognize that personalized adaptive learning technologies can help fill the gaps.

However, why are personalized teaching and learning technologies not widely available in the classroom even though they have been around for decades?

It was this very question that started the creation of the Adaptive Learning 3.0 Technology behind eMath. After extensive research of available adaptive technologies, with a keen understanding of what is missing, why, and how to fix it, the creators of eMath started from scratch and worked backwards (from the end goal) to create a technology that breaks free from the limitations of older technologies and allows mass applications.

eMath’s technology is fundamentally different from the other adaptive technologies which impose specific requirement/restrictions on assessment items and learning content, making their applications costly and inflexible (difficult to customize). eMath is algorithm based, includes questions pooled by concept, and works with any content/assessment items. As a result, eMath only needs a fraction of the time/cost required by others to set up a new application or to customize to a school’s specifications, hence offers unique benefits for schools:


  • True customization - works for any curricula/content/items
  • True adaptability - accommodates on-going customizations
  • True integration - is synchronized with classroom teaching/activities (same content- assessments- schedules)


  • Fast, economical implementation for any school/budget
  • Applicable to any subject
  • Can be fully integrated with other LMSs

Another key uniqueness is eMath’s ability (by design) to assist the whole process of learning. Customers have shared their frustrations over the other systems’ separation from classroom teaching, and after-the-fact assessment reports which can be too late to help students. eMath’s total integration with school curricula means teachers and students are continuously informed on learning mastery and deficiency - so they can act immediately and proactively, before the tests, before it is too late.

Effectiveness: Over 3 years and tens of thousands of students, eMath has consistently helped students achieve 1-2 grade level better results. The most recent data provided by a course coordinator showed, based on his 870 students, that eMath helped 95% of its regular users (who did at least 50% of class-related work on eMath) achieve a grade of C or better vs. 64% prior the introduction of eMath. See student testimonies here.

    Linking Together

    eMath provides integrated support for teaching, learning, assessment, remediation, and tutoring across subjects and courses.