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eMath is an adaptive learning system built on the latest advances in cognitive learning and artificial intelligence. Focusing on knowledge mastery and learning skill development, eMath helps students build retainable knowledge through balanced development in both conceptual understanding and computational skills.
For Student

Students can easily find out what they are expected to learn, how well they have learned it, and where they are strong or weak. System generated remediation practices and study guides adapt to each individual student’s needs and help students to learn effectively and efficiently.

eMath has been used by thousands of students in courses such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Finite Mathematics. Students who use eMath regularly average higher test scores ranging from 15 to 30 points higher.

    Linking Together

    eMath tracks student progress and provide personalized adaptive learning help. It provides integrated support for teaching, learning, assessment, tutoring, and remediation across subjects and courses.

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